Elevator Load Test

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Frequently Asked Questions About Elevator Load Tests

Why are you so affordable?

Elevator load testing is all we do. We've streamlined the process, organized our scheduling and purchased state of the art equipment that many elevator service companies don't use. We deliver the same State mandated tests that your service company would perform. 
Unfortunately, service companies overcharge for this service. The overcharge occurs because service companies have a captive audience with their own client base and assume that you will automatically call them when this test is due.

Why should I hire someone other than my service company to perform these tests?

Information is power. You deserve to have a second opinion. The more trained, impartial people that review your elevators, the more you will know about your equipment and the more confident you can be that the units are operating to specification. An impartial representative is the best person to make such a review. 

My service company said I have to use them to do this test. What should I do?

Your elevator service company should not be forcing you to use them to perform the test. This violates antitrust laws as it is a form of monopoly, more specifically known as "tying". In economic terms, it is, at the very least, "vendor lock-in" and should not be tolerated. Always question the tactics of service companies that attempt to force you to use them and charge you extra for the load test. Don't be surprised if some companies add pressure by threatening to "void your service warrantee." Smog checks and oil changes on your car that are performed outside the dealership don't void your car's warrantee. Similarly clients should never accept this type of pressure. You're the customer. You're in charge. The state requires that a testing company perform your test. There is no state requirement that your service company should be the ones to perform these tests. In fact, be very wary of any service company that doesn't want anyone else testing the equipment they maintain or a company that doesn't allow you competitive options. Some large service companies attempt to prohibit their customers from using an independent load test service to limit their client's options and force them to pay more than is necessary for these tests. If this happens to you, we would be happy to provide you a list of service companies that will be eager to earn your business, who will appreciate your desire to have a separate source perform your load tests and will be happy to service 

your elevators.
Remember, we are performing the exact same test your service company would perform; the test that is required by the state. This test does not put any additional stress on the elevator than what the elevator is rated by the state to handle. If your elevator is being monitored and maintained properly the elevator should not fail. And, if it does, depending on the reason, repairs should be covered under any standard general maintenance contract. If not, your service company should still be glad to have the service and repair business you awarded them in the first place. A healthy business relationship with your elevator service company should honor your right to have your elevators tested by an outside source. If it doesn't, you may want to wonder what they're hiding or why are they trying to charge you so much. An impartial representative is the best person to assess your elevators.

Isn't it a conflict of interest for my service company to perform this test?

Yes, it can be a conflict of interest for your service company to perform the five-year load test. If you really want to know how your elevator maintenance is, asking your maintenance company how they're doing won't yield the most objective response. If you have a full service contract, you might expect them to tell you the elevators are fine. But can you be sure? If you have a general maintenance contract, you may be told that lots of repairs are needed. Extra money for them, extra expense for you. Having an impartial representative, an independent test company, eliminates the conflict of interest that exists when a service company examines their own work performed on your elevators. Moreover, we can help in the determination of whether any deficiencies are the responsibilities of the service contractor or the owner. 

What are your qualifications?

Our mechanics are trained through the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) and are Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanics (CCCM) licensed in the State of California. Most importantly, they are Nationally qualified from the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) and hold the distinguished qualification of Certified Elevator Mechanics (CET). Finally, Elevator Load Test, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation. Our mechanics have performed more load tests than most general service and repair mechanics have performed in their careers.
In summary, if the elevator company isn't sending you a mechanic that has all of the qualifications and training listed above, then they are not equally qualified to 

our mechanics.

Do you have references?

Absolutely, and we'll provide any number of names and contact numbers to you upon request. 

We've published a list of customers and some customer testimonials as well.
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