Elevator Load Test

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Elevator Load Test, Inc. performs independent and accurate five-year load tests on elevator equipment as required by the State of California.

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Accurate and Reliable Elevator Load Testing Services


Lower Cost

Our independent alternative often costs more than 40% less than tests performed by service contractors. 


No Conflict of Interest

Our model eliminates the conflict of interest service companies often have when performing these 

tests themselves. 


More Experience

We have over 20 years' experience in the elevator service industry and offer an independent, more accurate analysis of building equipment. 


Paul G.

"I saved over $40,000 in unnecessary repairs and had the elevator back in service faster using Elevator Load Test, Inc."

Operations Manager
Samaritan Medical Center

Ben S.

"An Elevator Load Test, Inc. review saved me over $100,000 in unnecessary replacement work my service company told me I needed." 

Sares-Regis Group 

Dominique H.

"When my service company threatened to cancel my contract, I told them I'd cancel it myself. I was under no obligation to hire them for my load tests regardless of what they said. Elevator Load Test, Inc. was 60% less expensive and they took the time to explain what was really going on with my equipment, saving me thousands of dollars." 

Ventana Property Services Inc.